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The World of Stairs

Stairs are a central architectural and engineered element in buildings. In large public buildings and palaces, stairs are a symbol of spiritual uplifting, and so they are always wide, luxurious, emphasized and central. In big residential buildings and large office buildings were people use the elevators, the function of the stairs is limited to emergency exit and therefore stairwells are invisible to the eye and the degree of design is low. Smaller buildings have no elevator and therefore stairwells are essentially functional elements.

In private homes of more than one story, internal stairs are a compulsory element connecting between floors. Relative to the area of the building, a staircase in a private house occupies a lot of significant space - far more significant than in multi-dwellings. Because designing and building stairs in private homes is usually a difficult challenge, professional remodeling companies are always best for the job.

An interesting and creative solution to the problem of stairs in small homes is metal staircases. We are accustomed to seeing metal used in fire escape stairs or external staircases only, and therefore they are usually simple, sullen, neglected and even rusty. But you can plan an iron staircase that would accommodate a private house as both a beautiful architectural and functional element.

Stair types come in many design possibilities, materials, colors and shapes from metal stairs, wood stairs, glass stairs, integrated stainless steel and glass, metal and wood combined steps, carpet-covered stairs. If the main concern is saving space, it is possible to design a spiral staircase using the same materials and designs. Of course, these flights are always accompanied by a metal, wood or even glass safety rail that complements the overall design of the staircase.

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