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Remodeling Companies » Articles » Green Remodeling

What is Green Remodeling?

If you are considering indoor remodeling, green remodeling or eco-friendly remodeling for your home would be the ideal choice. Conservation of energy and protection of natural resources should be the main aim, and remodeling companies can help you to save money by supplying power “off the grid” or introducing rain harvesting.

It is not difficult to “go green” with outdoor remodeling, if you just consider basic home improvement with an aim to create a healthy environment and make it energy efficient. Sometimes “green” products are more expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment, considering its benefits for the environment.

The three basic principles for green remodeling are energy efficiency, resource conservation and health.

For energy efficiency, have good quality windows, so that insulation is successful. Maintain all heating and cooling systems well and buy energy and water-efficient home appliances. Use more natural light than electricity, and with the help of summer shades, trees and awnings keep the house cool, so that you require less energy to cool it. Energy efficient electric lighting is the best alternative.

Aim at conserving resources, so that you build, furnish or maintain your house in a simple manner, and not buy and consume every new appliance in the market, and then not use them. Renewable resources like bamboo and cork, or recycled products, good wood and local products will contribute to your green remodeling ideas. Try and generate as little waste as possible, because it adds to polluting the environment.

Health is greatly affected by hazardous materials around us. Dangerous fumes emanate from building materials and paint finishes and glues can pollute your house. Asbestos and lead are equally harmful. Above all, green remodeling will give your home adequate air circulation and keep you and your family in good health.

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