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Remodeling Companies » Articles » Remodeling Your Attic

Not Just the Room Upstairs: Remodeling Your Attic

The attic is sometimes used as storage space, and is only rarely visited by the residents of the house. You may have not thought about this option, but the attic could be the best place to convert into a proper living space. You can make it a bedroom, a library, an office, a kids’ room or a gym.

Once you have set your mind on indoor remodeling for your attic, the first thing to check out is the height of each wall, which should be at least 5 feet. This could tell you exactly how much space can actually be used. But if the height is below 5 feet, you have two options: you can either change the roof into a gable roof or you can convert the roof and make it tilt in an upward direction.

If your house is old, you need to make the rafters strong. After all you will be bringing in furniture like a sofa, a TV or even a bathtub, and the floor should be able to take its weight.

Renovation of the attic includes its insulation, ventilation and lighting. You can add air ducts for improving ventilation and for lighting you can put in a skylight in the roof. The bathroom naturally needs water and sewage connections.

If you use the attic only as a loft, you can use ladders to access it. But if you make a proper room in the attic, you also need a stairway. A straight staircase must measure at least 3 feet by 16 feet, and a spiral staircase has to measure 5 meters in diameter, according to the building code.

The building inspector or architect would be the best person to advise you about your attic remodeling, after which you can hire a contractor. Check out remodeling companies and hire one which has licensed and insured staff. Compare prices and take recommendations before you entrust them with the task of making your attic into a livable and enjoyable part of your house.

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