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Remodeling Companies » Outdoors » Exterior & Interior Painting

Exterior & Interior Painting

Painting does wonders to the overall appearance of the home and its outdoors. Hiding wall imperfections on the one hand and complementing architectural features on the other – the right paint will instantly spark up and visually play with the dimensions of the space. Light and natural shades visually enlarge small spaces while dark colors introduce a feel of intimacy to large rooms. Exterior and interior painting is cost effective remodeling alternative to upgrading the appearance and style of your home.

Take cue from the existing color palette of your home to blend in new shades in perfect harmony. Contrast painting will enhance beautiful architectural constructions from striking archways and interesting molding. Faux finishing techniques are used in exterior and interior painting to create visually textured walls including:

Rag Rolling
A rag dipped in glazed paint is rolled over the base coat of wall to achieve a distressed look.

Rubbing a plastic sheet over a wet basecoat to visually mimic the texture of suede.

A soaked glazed paint sponge is dabbed over a base coat.

Venetian Plaster
Colored plaster coats are applied on top of a base coat to achieve a marble look.

The degree of light reflected by paint is referred to as its sheen or gloss and will determine the paint's ability to hide imperfections and enhance architectural features. Paint is available in four degrees of sheen with gloss paints as having the highest light-reflective features - and in descending order of sheen are semi-gloss paints, satin, eggshell or low-luster paints and flat paints. Gloss paints create durable and stain resistant finishes. Easy to clean gloss paint is ideal to parts of the home susceptible to heavy traffic, fingerprints and grime, yet high gloss also highlights imperfections in walls and wood. Semi gloss provides less sheen than gloss paints, but is also stain resistant and easy to clean. Satin, eggshell or low luster paints provide a sheen glow lower than semi gloss but higher than flat paints. Non reflective flat paints hide imperfections and camouflage pipes and vents with wall.

Gloss Semi Gloss Satin/ eggshell/ low-luster Flat
Ceilings + +
Bedrooms + + +
Windows & trim + + +
Hallways + +
Bathrooms + + +
Cabinets & doors + + +
Kitchens + + + +
Living rooms + +

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in conventional paints and primers, and released into the air via off-gassing as the paint dries off, ages and crumbles. VOCs released into the air pose a major health risk if inhaled into the lungs. Green exterior and interior painting is free of VOCs thereby offering the prefect alternative to traditional paints.

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