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Remodeling Companies » Kitchen Remodeling » Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Kitchen Remodeling Costs

It is difficult to give the exact cost of kitchen remodeling as it depends on several factors including the size of the kitchen, the amount of work to be done, designs, materials used and time-frame. In other words, you are the one who will control your kitchen remodel costs.

Kitchen Remodeling Estimate

The average kitchen remodeling cost would range from five thousand dollars to over twenty thousand dollars. If you plan on a minor touch up and installing new fixtures, it can range from three thousand dollars to six thousand dollars. Here is a breakdown of kitchen remodeling prices and materials, as usually specified in the kitchen remodeling estimate you receive from before choosing a prospective remodeling company for your home improvement project.

Hardwood floors can run from ten to fourteen dollars, and bamboo floors runs from four to six dollars per square foot. The price of laminated floors is four to eight dollars per square foot. Vinyl flooring materials would range from two dollar to twenty dollars per square foot, depending on the quality and type of product, plus labor cost. On the safe side, it is better if you give it a little allowance and prepare to pay forty dollars to fifty dollars per square foot. Ceramic tile would cost around eleven dollars to eighty dollars or even more. They are great for countertops and kitchen floors, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Engineered stone like quartz and silestone would range around eighty dollars to one hundred dollars per square foot. It is hard and durable. Although it is expensive, you can be assured that these materials will last longer. They are commonly used on countertops. Granite is a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Like most beautiful pieces, granite is expensive. It could cost around fifty to over one hundred dollars per square foot. The price depends on the size, color and quality.

For a modern and industrial look, stainless steel is a good choice. The price of steel is not expensive but the cost of fabrication is. Prepare at least eighty dollars per square foot. For a contemporary look, concrete countertops are your best option. It is heat and scratch resistant. The cost is around eighty to one hundred twenty dollar per square foot.

A gentle reminder, kitchen remodeling costs vary according to your local rates and prices, size, volume and quality of products. In some cases, extra charges are added for removal, replacement, ripping out and disposing of old materials and repairing by professionals. These greatly influence kitchen remodeling prices.

Subcontractor rates would depend on the extent of their work. If there is demolition involved from removing old sinks to wall removal, price would range from six hundred to eight hundred dollars, depending on your local rate. For installing new walls, expect to pay your carpenter thirty to fifty dollars an hour.
Additional expense would include hiring a plumber or electrician to check all plumbing systems and electrical outlets and installation and light fixtures. It is wise to buy lighting fixtures yourself.

For new appliances, prepare two thousand to five thousand dollars. Do not throw away old functioning appliances. Replace only those that are broken.

Your style and taste will greatly influence kitchen remodeling costs. For excellent workmanship, hire a contractor who is knowledgeable and has plenty of remodeling experience.

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