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Remodeling Companies » Articles » Zack Karni Fraud Alert

Zack Karni - Scam

Beware! Beware! Beware!!! Zack Karni from Nuhome design & Remodeling is a Con artist!!!

At first impression, Zack Karni (A.K.A Zahi Karni, Zoork Kay, Adi Morag, Tsachi, Tsahi, Dachot, Lei, Itschak and some other names he uses) seems like a nonviolent business man who looks respectful. He smiles a lot and talks with much confidence. His specialty is using the right words and in asking the right questions to establish his credibility…But, make no mistake about it!!!! Beyond the supposedly caring and trustworthy image hides a deceiving con artist who will ruthlessly stripped you from anything you own.

How does Zack Karni do it?

He will look at your social media… He will complement your ideas and vision, and will encourage you to share intimate things… he will know you better than you know yourself… he will say things which are in line with your core beliefs…(Remember, he will study you…that is what he does), he will speak in a voice which will tap into your very own narrative. He will manipulate your environment to get you to behave the way he wants you to.

At the bottom line: - You will trust Zack Karni. What you will not know is that you are actually looking at is a man with a costume on. A man with a clear agenda to take everything you have or have access to.

Ones trusted, Zack will give you an opportunity to get a shockingly good deal provided that you’ll act immediately. Speed will be imperative… There will be time pressure. He will make you make a mistake. He will never tell you what he actually wants to do… There is a wide ocean between his promises and his intents.

Zack specialize in causing a belief in the mind of the spectator. You will go with your gut because you never faced such level of criminality. Lies upon lies upon lies... Everything under the umbrella of supposedly legit entities… Zack will constantly draw your attention elsewhere… he will misdirect your focus, just like a pick-pocket, but on much larger scale.

Once you will realize you’ve made a mistake (and you will!) it will be too late. Just as other sly grafters, this scam artist will not be so nice any longer. He will become intimidating. Very intimidating!

You will be angry and ashamed to share it with others. You will quickly learn that this is not the type of topic that the police will do something about. Scary part is that he may be introduced to you by a friend who does not know that he is also being scammed by crooked Zack.

Beware of his practices and the businesses he is involved in including: Catalyst101, HadshotUSA, MCY Group; MCY Multimedia, and most of all NuHome Design & Remodeling

From Sony Computer Entertainment America, to Pizza places which were promised targeted audiences at specific times…and home owners that were promised a new Kitchens which never happen…

Beware and arm yourself with the knowledge so that it will not happen to you. Share this with your friends and spare them from this devastation.

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